Goodwill Proudly Presents LTS – One Stop Digital Trading Solution  which can act like a “Bridge” Between Market Tips & Trading platform.

What is Live Trade Support (LTS) ?

Live Trade Support or LTS software acts as a bridge between our market recommendations and our trading platform (NEST). Most traders miss out on profitable market recommendations due to the lag between them receiving it and placing the order. The price for entry is usually missed by the time you make the entry into your trading terminal. LTS looks at removing this lag by placing orders received by our software almost instantaneously. All you need to do is turn on your PC, log into LTS and keep it running during market hours and orders will be placed as per recommendations sent by our research team almost as soon as it is published. You can even monitor your positions through our LTS app and pause it when you feel that you have traded enough for the day.

NOTE: Minimum investment in order to activate LTS is INR 2.00 Lakhs.

MTM Square-off:

MTM Square-off is another software that we have developed in conjunction with LTS. In this software, you will be able to set your MTM profit and loss limits. For eg., you can choose to set an MTM profit target of INR 3500 along with a loss limit of INR -3500. So, whenever an MTM profit of INR 3500 is reached, all positions will be closed at market price and all pending orders will be cancelled. The same will happen if a loss of -3500 is reached.
NOTE: for MTM square-off, the square-off is done @ market, so, there may be slippage in price and a different MTM profit/loss may be booked from the one you have set. It will depend on the availability of buyers and sellers at Current Market Price when the Square-Off is triggered.

LTS now available across Commodity Futures, Equity Futures (NEW) and Index Futures (NEW) !!!



How to Register for LTS ??

  • Give us a Missed Call @ 90037 90027
  • Or email us @



The risk of loss in trading in shares, futures contracts, contracts for difference or other leveraged markets and derivatives can be substantial. You should therefore carefully consider whether that kind of trading is appropriate for you in the light of your financial circumstances. In deciding whether or not you will become involved in that kind of trading, you should be aware of the following matters .The performance of individual traders varies significantly and will depend on factors such as but not limited to account size, leverage used, slippage incurred, brokerage paid, the level of diversification, general trading conditions of the markets chosen and particularly the discipline of the trader to follow the rules of the trading system.This statement does not disclose all of the risks and other significant aspects involved in trading derivatives. You should therefore study derivatives trading carefully before becoming involved in it.